Transforming Aviation with AI

Jet AI is working towards a seamless experience for aviation operators and customers powered by natural language processing and advanced fleet logistics optimizations.

Cutting-Edge Software Meets

Fleet Management

Our Fleet management solution brings advanced quoting, fleet positioning intelligence, carbon tracking and crediting, crew management, and more to operators of all sizes.

Fleet Positioning Intelligence
Jet.AI's fleet positioning intelligence allows you to make better decisions about where to fly and when.
Carbon Crediting
Jet.AI's carbon crediting solution, DynoFlight, allows you to track and offset your carbon emissions.
Integrated CRM
Jet.AI's CRM allows you to manage your contacts, leads, and opportunities in the same place you manage your fleet, quoting, and invoicing.
Advanced Crew Scheduling.
Assign crew and adapt to changing situations with Jet.AI's proprietary genetic algorithm for crew management.
Powerful API.
Integrate with your existing systems or build your own custom solutions.
Modular Architecture.
Take what you need and leave the rest. Jet.AI is built to be flexible and scalable.

Carbon Crediting with DynoFlight by Jet.AI

DynoFlight is a carbon crediting platform that makes carbon offsetting your flight operations seamless. We take care of everything from estimating the impact of your operations, to facilitating the purchasing of carbon credits, to providing certificates and proof of purchase to your customers and 3rd party auditors. Integrate with our API to automate the entire process.

Join Our Closed Beta

We're rolling out access to our platforms and APIs over time. Contact us to request access.