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Advancing Aviation's Carbon Neutral Goals through High Quality Carbon Removal Credits and Carbon emission Tracking.

The Role of Carbon Offset Removal Credits in Aviation

Carbon credits are an important part of the pursuit of net zero global aviation emissions. Each carbon credit represents a certain amount of greenhouse gas emissions removed or reduced from the atmosphere. By purchasing these credits, businesses can offset their own emissions, contributing to an overall balance of global carbon levels. This mechanism not only aids in mitigating the effects of climate change but also incentivizes the development of sustainable practices and technologies.

Through Jet.AI 's carbon removal credit service, DynoFlight, our partners can purchase Carbon Offset Removal Credits (CORCs). Established by Puro.earth, CORCS are a superior class of carbon credits, specifically chosen by us for their integrity and effectiveness. Unlike standard credits, each CORC is a testament to one metric ton of CO2 physically removed from the atmosphere, validated through a stringent verification process. This ensures that our contributions to carbon neutrality are not just theoretical but result in real, measurable environmental benefits.

The Role of Carbon Offset Removal Credits in Aviation
Overview of DynoFlight

Overview of DynoFlight: Emission Tracking and Carbon Credit Provisioning

Tailored specifically for the aviation sector, DynoFlight offers a platform that enables precise tracking and offsetting of emissions down to a per-aircraft level. Its capabilities extend to estimating emissions prior to takeoff, thereby aiding operators in making informed decisions about their flights' environmental impact. DynoFlight allows operators to effectively offset their emissions and contribute to the industry's carbon neutrality goals by provisioning carbon offset removal credits. DynoFlight's features are available both through a user interface and through an API for programmatic access.

Features of DynoFlight

Record emissions on a per-aircraft level and track emissions trends across your fleet
Estimate emissions prior to takeoff to inform your customers of a flight's impact or to do your own cost benefit analysis
Provision CORCs (Carbon Offset Removal Credits, a high quality and verified type of carbon credit) to offset the emissions of your operations
Provide customers with an online certificate for each provision made
Easily export documentation proving your offsets