The following are the current listing of “Peak Travel Days”. Any changes or additions to the following list will be published and distributed by Jet.AI Aviation with adequate notice.

SaturdayJanuary 1New Year’s Day
SundayJanuary 2Sunday after New Year’s
MondayJanuary 17Martin Luther King Day (MLK)
ThursdayFebruary 17Thursday before President’s Day
FridayFebruary 18Friday before President’s Day
MondayFebruary 21President’s Day
TuesdayFebruary 22Tuesday after President’s Day
ThursdayMarch 3Early Thursday in March
FridayMarch 4Early Friday in March
ThursdayMarch 10Second Thursday in March
FridayMarch 11Second Friday in March
ThursdayMarch 17Third Thursday in March
FridayMarch 18Third Friday in March
SundayMarch 20Third Sunday in March
SundayMarch 27Late Sunday in March
ThursdayApril 14Thursday before Easter
SundayApril 17Easter Sunday
MondayApril 18Monday after Easter
TuesdayJuly 5Independence Day Return Travel Day
MondaySeptember 5Labor Day
MondayOctober 11Columbus Day
TuesdayNovember 22Tuesday before Thanksgiving
WednesdayNovember 23Wednesday before Thanksgiving
SundayNovember 27Sunday after Thanksgiving
MondayNovember 28Monday after Thanksgiving
FridayDecember 23Friday before Christmas
SaturdayDecember 24Saturday before Christmas
MondayDecember 26Day after Christmas
TuesdayDecember 27Tuesday after Christmas
SundayJanuary 1New Year’s Day
MondayJanuary 2Monday after New Year’s
FridayFebruary 17Friday before President’s Day
TuesdayNovember 21Tuesday before Thanksgiving
WednesdayNovember 22Wednesday before Thanksgiving
SundayNovember 26Sunday after Thanksgiving
MondayNovember 27Monday after Thanksgiving
FridayDecember 22Friday before Christmas
SaturdayDecember 23Saturday before Christmas
TuesdayDecember 26Day after Christmas
MondayJanuary 1New Year’s DayPeak
TuesdayJanuary 2Tuesday after New Year's DayPeak
FridayFebruary 16Friday before President’s DayPeak
TuesdayNovember 26Tuesday before ThanksgivingPeak
WednesdayNovember 27Wednesday before ThanksgivingPeak
SundayDecember 1Sunday after ThanksgivingPeak
MondayDecember 2Monday after ThanksgivingPeak
SundayDecember 22Sunday before ChristmasPeak
MondayDecember 23Monday before ChristmasPeak
ThursdayDecember 26Day after ChristmasPeak
FridayDecember 27Friday after ChristmasPeak


The following are the current listing of “High Demand Days”. Flights on High Demand Days shall be subject to the Flexible Scheduling Rules set forth in Schedule A, as such rules may be modified by Jet.AI from time to time.

MondayJanuary 3Monday after New Year’s
ThursdayJanuary 13Thursday before Martin Luther King Day (MLK)
FridayJanuary 14Friday before Martin Luther King Day (MLK)
TuesdayJanuary 4Tuesday after New Year’s
FridayApril 15Good Friday
ThursdayMay 26Thursday before Memorial Day
FridayMay 27Friday before Memorial Day
MondayMay 30Memorial Day
FridayJuly 1Friday before July 4th
MondayJuly 4July 4th
FridaySeptember 2Friday before Labor Day
TuesdaySeptember 6Tuesday After Labor Day
ThursdayOctober 6Thursday before Columbus Day
FridayOctober 7Friday before Columbus Day
WednesdayDecember 21Wednesday before Christmas
ThursdayDecember 22Thursday before Christmas
MondayJanuary 2Monday after New Year’s
MondayJanuary 16Martin Luther King Day (MLK)
MondayFebruary 20President’s Day
ThursdayMarch 2Early Thursday in March
FridayMarch 3Early Friday in March
ThursdayMarch 9Second Thursday in March
FridayMarch 10Second Friday in March
ThursdayMarch 16Third Thursday in March
FridayMarch 17Third Friday in March
SundayMarch 19Third Sunday in March
SundayMarch 26Late Sunday in March
FridayApril 7Good Friday
SundayApril 9Easter Sunday
MondayApril 10Monday after Easter
FridayMay 26Friday before Memorial Day
MondayMay 29Memorial Day
MondayJuly 3Monday before Independence Day
WednesdayJuly 5Independence Day Return Travel Day
MondaySeptember 4Labor Day
MondayOctober 9Columbus Day
WednesdayDecember 27Wednesday after Christmas
FridayDecember 29Friday before New Year’s
MondayJanuary 15Martin Luther King Day (MLK)High
FridayFebruary 19President's DayHigh
ThursdayMarch 7Early Thursday in MarchHigh
FridayMarch 8Early Friday in MarchHigh
ThursdayMarch 14Second Thursday in MarchHigh
FridayMarch 15Second Friday in MarchHigh
ThursdayMarch 21Third Thursday in MarchHigh
FridayMarch 22Third Friday in MarchHigh
ThursdayMarch 28Thursday Before EasterHigh
FridayMarch 29Good FridayHigh
SundayMarch 31Easter SundayHigh
MondayApril 1Monday after EasterHigh
FridayMay 24Friday before Memorial DayHigh
MondayMay 27Memorial DayHigh
WednesdayJuly 3Wednesday before Independence DayHigh
FridayJuly 5Independence Day Return Travel Day 1High
SaturdayJuly 6Independence Day Return Travel Day 2High
MondaySeptember 2Labor DayHigh
MondayOctober 14Columbus DayHigh
SaturdayDecember 28Saturday after ChristmasHigh
SundayDecember 29Sunday after ChristmasHigh
MondayDecember 30Monday before New Year'sHigh
TuesdayDecember 31New Year's EveHigh